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If you're installing EV charging, or work in the automotive, fleet, carparking, emergency, transport or towing sector, you'll discover data-driven answers to a range of questions about fire risk & safety around electric vehicles.

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  • What will I learn in these courses?

    If you're installing EV charging, or you work in the automotive, fleet, carparking, emergency, transport or towing sector, you'll discover data-driven answers to a range of questions about fire safety around electric vehicles.

  • How long will these courses take?

    We've designed them to take no longer than 20-30 minutes, so you can fit them into your schedule. Each course comes with a downloadable checklist that provides a handy overview of what you've learned.

  • What if I have a question?

    Simply head to for further details on anything discussed in this course. You can also get in touch with us via email using the contact page.

  • Who are my instructors?

    EV FireSafe, along with EV Classic & EV Torque are a group of expert electric vehicle professionals. Together we've formed Electric Vehicle IQ, a platform from which we can share many years of knowledge & experience. Please see the instructor bios on the course home page for more information about each instructor & their experience.

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Emma Sutcliffe

EV Battery Fire Specialist

Emma Sutcliffe is a EV early adopter, charging her transport & life from an off-grid home in Little River since 2012. In 2018, after working in journalism & as a volunteer firefighter, Emma co-founded an EV charging company, then went on to establish several other electric vehicle sector businesses focused on charging software, EV safety education & the conversion of classic cars to electric. Now funded by the Department of Defence, & with assistance from Deakin University, Emma & an all-female team have built EV FireSafe, a world-leading research database & knowledge hub for emergency responders attending electric vehicle battery fires. EV FireSafe aims to enhance safety at emergency incidents involving electrified transport, particularly those connected to energised charging.

Alex Bosin

EV Technical Servicing Expert

As a Senior Engineer for Lufthansa, Alex spent the bulk of his early career travelling the world designing cutting edge aircraft that redefined air travel. HIs work took him from his home in Germany to Saudi Arabia, America & around Europe. Now living in beautiful Byron Bay with his family, Alex has shifted life down a gear, founding a series of businesses based around the classic Kombi van; with a workshop team, he manages a fleet of vintage campervans & wedding vehicles, & in 2019 converted Australia's first fully electric VW splitty in collaboration with Volkswagen. Alex is aiming to share his EV expertise to better accelerate understanding & safe working practices in the automotive sector as we transition to EVs.

Conrad Gibb

EV Battery Management System Expert

A specialist in non-destructive testing for the mining sector, Conrad has spent his career in & around large vehicles emitting large amounts of harmful particulates in underground spaces in New Zealand & Australia. His interest in electric vehicles started over a decade ago, when he converted a kit car for hill climb racing; since then Conrad has converted a select group of classic cars to low-emission drivelines for a range of private clients. Currently specialising in luxury marques such as Porsche, as well as VW Beetles & Kombis, he also upgrades & repairs Tesla & plug-in hybrid electric vehicles. Overall, he's passionate about sharing the detailed knowledge he's built over many years with those entering this rapidly emerging sector.

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