Course curriculum

    1. Welcome to this EV Fire Safety for Towing, Roadside Assist, Transport & Storage short course ***VIDEO***

    1. Electric vehicles are here!

    2. What do we mean by 'EV'?

    3. What do we mean by EV charging equipment?

    4. PPE & PPC

    5. High voltage & 12V battery, cables & components

    1. How common are EV battery fires? ***VIDEO***

    2. EV fire case studies involving towing & transport

    3. All EV battery fires start with thermal runaway - but what is it?

    4. A third of EV fires occur at charging

    1. Identifying an EV ***VIDEO***

    2. Assess your safety ***VIDEO & FLOWCHART***

    3. Using portable EVSE

    4. Know the signs of thermal runaway

    1. Isolate 12V & HV batteries ***FLOWCHART***

    2. How to load & tow ***VIDEO***

    1. Stranded energy

    2. Battery fire reignition

    3. Vehicle storage best practice

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  • Who is EV FireSafe?

    EV FireSafe is a research project funded by the Department of Defence to identify the risks to emergency responders at electric vehicle battery fires, particularly where the vehicle is connected to energised charging.

  • What will I learn in these courses?

    If you're installing EV charging, or you work in the automotive, fleet, carparking, emergency, transport or towing sector, you'll discover data-driven answers to a range of questions about fire safety around electric vehicles.

  • How can I find out more or ask a question?

    Simply head to & go to the contact page - drop the EV FireSafe team an email & we'll get back to you asap.

Electric vehicle fire safety, made simple